Mates Helilein (Cabo)  SchH3  Pedigree

2009 SchH1 DVG Midwest Regional Champion
2010 SchH2 LV/DVG America Championship 2nd Place

Hips OFA Good, Elbows Normal
Cabo's Pedigree

Congratulations to Cabo on his 96(V)-85-96(V) SchH1, 97(V)-80-90 SchH2, and 92-90-97(V) SchH3 scores!

Video of Cabo working:
2010 DVG Nationals SchH2 Heeling
2010 DVG Nationals SchH2 Protection
2010 Delta Club SchH3 Obedience *
2010 Delta Club SchH3 Protection *
* Our 3yr old turned off the mic so no audio in these clips  

Cabo has excellent structure and a gorgeous massive head! He is a very high drive intense dog yet lives in the house and has solid nerves and temperament. He is great with our three-year old boy.

Cabo has an incredible genetic full and hard grip. His grip never shifts no matter the pressure. At 10 months old he had to be worked using a trial sleeve because he was bruising the helpers with a young-dog sleeve. Cabo comes like a rocket to the sleeve and is very impressive to watch.

We had no idea how much a child would interfere with trialing! Thanks to my mom and our club for even making it possible.

Below are some Cabo puppies

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