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Litter born September 27th 2010

3 males / 2 females
H-litter vom Schattendal
This litter is sold.



The first litter between Cabo and Ash met and exceeded our expectations! All puppies were extremely drivey and showed the full grips we were expecting between these two parents. This litter of puppies were extremely confident; very bold and forward. The puppies are also very smart and learn quickly; several owners have reported their puppies going to the door asking to be let out to potty at 8wks old. The puppies had extremely high food drive and are inquisitive. All the puppies are dark black sable.

The pedigree of this litter is fantastic and it is linebred 4-4 on Cordon An-Sat. Pedigree includes Titus z Pohranicni straze, Arno od Vlasimske brany, and very strong Karthago lineage, just to name a few.

Both dogs have a great on/off switch and are able to turn on the power on the trial fields, yet are perfect house dogs: the Ideal German Shepherd Dog temperament.

Contact if you have any questions.

Video of the current litter at 9wks : 
Video of the current litter at 7wks : 
Video of the current litter at 7½wks : 
6 weeks old
4 weeks old (girls on left, boys on right)
2 weeks old

12 days old
Below are pictures and video from the previous litter
5wks old
4.5wks old

20 days old

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