Iery Vikar  IPO3 SchH3 SVV1

Hips 0/0
Iery's Pedigree

2004 SchH3 DVG National
High Mid-West KG

SchH3 93-92-95 = 280
IPO3 92-90-92 = 274
IPO2 98-89-99 = 286 V
SVV1 92-90-95 = 277
Iery is a substantial bitch with excellent pigment. She has very high drives in all phases. Her obedience is correct and flashy. She is intense in protection and always bites with a full and hard grip.

Iery Heeling (IPO2)
Iery's Bark & Hold (IPO2)
Iery's Transport (IPO2)
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Both of the Iery litters have been very nice for us. The puppies have been of police quality or suited for SchH work! Half of the first litter are now serving as Police K-9s. Iery is throwing high prey/food drive, fantastic grips, and awesome overall character. The focus and intensity of these litters have been astounding...check out 4 month old  Tiko  and  Anji  heeling!...Iery is throwing some smart and easily trained puppies!!!


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